Draft - Top 3 reasons why you should shop "MOD" this holiday season

Why Made on Demand “MOD”

It's that time of year when people begin looking for that special something for friends and family. But many giftable products are generic or wasteful. If only there was way to get exciting products that are truly special and reduced waste.

MOD - or Made on Demand - is a manufacturing process in which items are individually custom made according to demand. It's is a highly flexible, scalable, and customizable process that is good for design and good for the environment.

The advance of various digital output technologies can be credited for the rise of Made on Demand manufacturing. Machines such as 3D printers, laser cutters and dye-sublimation printers have allowed the making of things to change in scale and speed, all the while creating less waste.


From a design point of view, MOD is exciting because a design idea can be drawn, iterated, and then output quickly. One can literally go from sketching to digitizing to making in one day. The act of design changes from a process at the front end of a long manufacturing process, to one that is nimble, immediate, and responsive. As a designer, I can continuously seek relevancy in what I do. I seek the ability for my design being in closer dialogue with current events, with the seasons, with XXX.

From an environmental point of view, MOD is responsible for very little material waste. We have all read the terrible statistics on how the fashion industry is terrible for the environment (link to greenpeace article below) on the manufacturing side as well as the waste side.

With MOD, just the right amount of clothing is made. And hopefully you will love the clothing and keep it for a long time.


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